FAQ Frequently asked questions



How far in advance should I book / make a reservation?

Of course that is up to you.
But you should consider, that in the main season we might be booked out for up to 5 days in advance. If you would like a certain date or tour, you should make a reservation in advance 😉 Then you will be able to participate for sure.

What requirements are necessary to participate at a Buggy Tour and can I also participate as just a passenger?;

Everyone, no matter if young or old can participate at our tours.
It is necessary to have a valid drivers license Class B.
Age requirement to drive is 19. (25 for the 4-seater)
1 year of driving experience (probation time not included).
Passengers don’t have to meet any requirements und can ride along with our tourguide in the Jeep.


Can kids or people with limitations participate at a tour?


Kids should be 4 years old or older. We do have seats in our store.
People with limitations can either participate as a passenger with the tourguide or as a passenger with the person in charge of them.
People in wheelchairs have the opportunity to take their wheelchair along (we do have roofracks and fasteners available).


What do I have to bring along at a tour?


Very important is your drivers license and good shoes (no flip-flops),
sunglasses and maybe (depending on the season) a scarf or something else for your neck.
Please put on some sun screen about an hour before.
Original drivers license.
If it is very hot a small towel for the seat (it is black leather).
Please have some cash for the insurance and our coffee stop.


What if the weather is not cooperating?

If it should rain on the day of your tour, we might have to reschedule. If this should not be possible, we will of course refund the already paid money back to you.


Can I also pay with credit or debit card on location?


Yes of curse, but not Amex and Dinners Club


What happens if I forgot my drivers license?


Unfortunately we would have to cancel the participation of the tour if you forgot your license.
If you booked the tour in advance, we can’t refund you the money. The Buggy was reserved for this tour and can’t be offered to someone else.

Can I also take it for a ride alone?

It is only possible to rent the buggys for our guided tours. For the tours you can have your own buggy or share it with your passenger. The tours are always calculated for 2 passengers so that double the amount would have to be paid when riding alone.


We are 3 people. Do we have to rent 2 Buggys?

If you all want to ride at the same time then yes, or you take the 4 Seater. (But you have to book all 4 seats) If not there is the possibility that one person rides along with the tourguide in a Jeep Wrangler. f you want you can then switch out at one of our stops. But every driver needs insurance.


I don’t have a drivers license!

You need a original full license. We cannot accept copies.

Our tourguide can take you along as a passenger.